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Dandora is a large housing project in the heart of Nairobi which also serves as a primary dumping site for Nairobi proper. The Holy Cross Parish in Nairobi has identified this dumping site as a human rights and development challenge for Dandora and the surrounding areas. As a result of the dumping of industrial, agricultural, domestic and medical waste, there are wide spread respiratory ailments cropping up in both children and adults. The dumping site also poses a security risk as criminals hide there. Despite the burden of the dumpsite on the health and security of the people of Dandora, the Congregation of Holy Cross has an incredibly vibrant and active parish there. The University of Notre Dame has a unique opportunity to walk with this energetic community in a long‐term partnership that seeks to learn from the people and to contribute to their self‐defined development priorities. March to the Top is contributing to Notre Dame's efforts to improve the living conditions and help the people of Dandora determine their needs and execute a plan to improve their lives.

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