March To The Top serves the critical needs of the people and lands of Africa through initiatives in health, education and conservancy.

orphans_v2Inadequate or inaccessible health care, education, and conservation efforts entangle to entrench African communities deep in the poverty that affects so many Africans and African children. Deadly diseases like HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, and even measles (which alone kills half a million Africans annually) leave children without teachers or parents, forcing them to drop out of school and take over as head of the household (in Zambia, for example, 7% of households are headed by children). But without education, their job prospects are dim. Living in poverty, they are left vulnerable to additional health issues, which in turn depletes household resources even further.


Meanwhile, the destruction of natural resources compounds and accelerates this vicious cycle. These intertwining issues have grim consequences: for example, the Global Policy Forum estimates that the child mortality rate in sub-Saharan Africa will not begin to fall until 2165, unless something changes.


March To The Top is working to provide that much-needed change, with your help.

We work throughout Africa to support our friends and neighbors here in getting back on top.

deaths_v2The issues are subtle and complex, and that is why our wide-ranging portfolio of projects addresses all three root causes at once. It’s key to make education and health care more readily available and accessible to the people who need it most, while protecting the natural resources that can help sustain them. To that end, March To The Top builds, staffs and partners with clinics, orphanages, schools and wild-life trusts to serve local African communities and give them resources and facilities that can strengthen and empower both individuals and communities.

But just as they can use a helping hand in getting back on top, we need your help to ensure the bottom doesn’t fall out from under us. It’s your donations and volunteer hours that sustain our efforts — and through our initiatives, your contributions serve as more than just Band-Aids to individual problems; they are booster shots that can help the children of Africa — and their parents and communities — reclaim their futures for themselves.

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Roy and Barbara March

Roy and Barbara March

Founded in 2006, March to the Top (M2T) was established as a foundation to help the less fortunate in Africa. I sought and successfully solicited donations in an endeavor to raise funds by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. At 19,340 ft., “Kili” is the tallest mountain on the continent. This adventure proved to reveal the wonderful spirit of Africa and helped to raise awareness for the needs of the people and landscapes which make it spectacular.



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