In late August, March to the Top sponsored 45 Kenyan children through the Mara Predator Conservation Programme to take part in a week of conservation and learning at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. On this six day journey, the children traveled from their homes in southern Kenya, north to the Laikipia Plateau where they learned about environmental conservation and protection of endangered species. Educators at the Lewa Conservation Education Programme taught students about local flora and fauna, renewable energy, water use, and how to reduce impact on the local environment.

Although many Kenyan students grow up in close proximity to conservation areas, they often lack the resources to visit the national parks. This journey granted students a window into their own incredible backyard. Read some of reactions to the trip below!

“It was a very important trip to me, it was my first time to visit Lewa Conservancy where I learnt a lot about the importance of conservation in Kenya. I was impressed to see the underpass where elephants pass to go to Mt. Kenya during dry season. I also learnt the importance of having wildlife, I will continue to be a conservationist my entire life.” – Samuel Kirrokorkor, Grade 7

“Lewa trip was the best experience of my life! Brown elephant which camouflage with the area, grevys zebras which are not found in Mara with big round ears short tail and thin stripes. It was a memorable trip which I will never forget. I was also impressed by people who live in area by the way they utilize water.” ~  Jane Mereru, Grade 5

“I enjoyed Lewa trip so much. I learnt adaptation of reticulated giraffe that the tall neck help to see enemies, some plants like cactus has thorns for defense mechanism. I was also happy to learn ways of conserving environment by using renewable source of energy.” – Nadupoi Musukut, Grade 5

“The trip was fantastic as I have never gone past Nairobi. Passing through different counties on the way to Lewa was another experience. I learnt the 4R methods of conserving the environment and I will practice at my school. Thanks the organizers!” – Naneu Eunice, Grade 7