There are currently thirty-six million cases of individuals afflicted with HIV globally, twenty-five million alone in Africa. Each year thousands of new cases of HIV are added to these staggering statistics, 80% of which are located in Africa.  The ever-present questions seems, “How do we eradicate this? How can we help?”.

And we can now give you the answer… DREAM.

Beginning in 2002, the Community of Sant’Egidio, an international faith-based organization assembled DREAM.  The DREAM organization works with government and volunteer organizations aiming to break the barrier surrounding the widespread HIV/AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, their programs provide services to 46 centers throughout Africa, 10 of which are located in Kenya. One center being March to the Top’s, New Hope Orphanage and Clinic. Their extensive programs seek to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, and combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other widespread diseases.

DREAM works alongside March to the Top at the New Hope Orphanage and Clinic providing medical care and funding to the HIV afflicted children. The organization provides an administrator, driver, clinical officer, coordinator, nurse, and lab technician, all of whom are dedicated to the on-ground medical care operations.



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