Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) is focused on protecting and maintaining healthy predator populations.  Through tried and tested methods, KWT ensures that lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and wild dogs not only survive, but thrive.  Since 2007, KWT has been helping to protect these iconic species and the landscapes that make Kenya truly unique. KWT’s vision is of a Kenya where predator populations are the cornerstone of thriving ecosystems.


March to the Top supports Kenya Wildlife Trust’s community conservation model both through direct service provision and research that informs diverse initiatives. March to the Top sponsors Lion Watch, a program that integrates tourism and conservation to enhance lion conservation. Additional funding supports research, done in collaboration with the University of Oxford, of predator conservation initiatives across Kenya.

March To The Top Foundation is supporting these efforts as well as directly funding certain Kenya Wildlife Trust projects including the Esiteti Primary School.


The threats facing predator populations in Kenya are serious and growing.  With habitat loss increasing and human-wildlife conflict escalating across the country, our work is needed more than ever before.  Kenya’s economy relies heavily on healthy ecosystems, robust wildlife populations and presence of large carnivores, specifically lions, cheetahs, hyenas, leopards and wild dogs.  A Kenya without such iconic wildlife is unthinkable; their conservation is crucial for the health of the country, its landscapes and its people.


“We don’t own the planet earth, we belong to it.  And we must share it with our wildlife.”

– Steve Irwin



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