Mt. Kenya Summit – We Made It!!

IMG_5018Six days of trekking. 16,400 vertical feet accomplished. And hundreds of supporters whom we come to now to share our deepest love and gratitude with in this joyous moment of accomplishment exceeding our fundraising goal!!!

We traveled to Africa seeking to leave our footprint on this summit above the clouds, and here we are now among the angels looking down upon the many footprints we leave in the frosted ground. Though where the real footprint was made lies thousands of miles away by all of you, who individually contributed to the tremendous success we’ve proudly carried with us to the lands of Kenya on this journey.

Each day and moment we took a step forward, we knew that across the globe we held the support of each of the hearts of those eagerly awaiting our arrival to the summit. And what a glorious feeling to know as we approached and reached that final ground of Mt. Kenya, that we were victorious. 

In the next week, we will be visiting a MEAK medical mission, the New Hope Orphanage and Clinic, the Dandora Maternity Health Center, and some of the conservation sites where we will witness the true impact of your support.  

Much is to come, and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you as we continue on this journey of giving and love. So we thank you now for the moment of absolute joy you have given to us and to those who will soon live its impact.

Stay posted for each step along the way.




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