New Hope – AINA’s Paolo Academy Gets New Wheels Thanks to the Webers!

March to the Top is delighted to announce that New Hope – AINA’s Paolo Academy has a new school van! Thanks to a generous donation by Jeff, Debi, and the entire Weber Family, the course of education at Paolo Academy has been forever changed.
In January, the Weber family took a trip to New Hope-AINA. They fell in love with the incredible staff and students of Paolo Academy and knew they wanted to make a long-lasting impact.
The Webers recognized the value of forging relationships and reducing HIV stigma through student participation in Tae Kwon Do, ball games, music competitions, and more. This van means so much more than transportation to our students – it’s a window to the outside world and a bridge to their community. 
As you can see in the photos, students and staff are elated as they look forward to more frequent field-trips and excursions.
We can’t wait to see where this van takes us next!




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