Medical Missions: Midterm Report

Midterm reports are in, and we are excited to provide you with impact summaries for March to the Top’s sponsored medical missions from January – June of 2018! In this time period, we have sponsored two successful MEAK medical missions with your help: one Pediatric Heart Mission, and one Eye and Dental Mission. Read on to see our impact!

Pediatric Heart Mission: January 2018
Location: M.P. Shah Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya

Impact Summary: March to the Top and MEAK embarked on a journey to Nairobi in order to provide life-saving pediatric cardiac operations. Our work ensured 21 of these operations were performed, with an additional 9 children receiving surgery in the interim and 5 more accepted into other programs for the very near future. This adds up to 35 children in total who will have received life-saving surgery as a result of our heart mission sponsorship!
Additionally, 99 children in total received echocardiograms. In an effort to create sustainable improvements in local health care, our sponsorship also provided medical staff at M.P. Shah Hospital with pediatric life support training and pediatric echocardiographic training. We know this will make a long-lasting impact!

Eye and Dental Mission: April 2018
Location: Lokichar, Turkana, Kenya

Impact Summary: March to the Top and MEAK headed to the Lokichar community in Turkana to provide vital access to eye and dental care. During this mission, flash flooding proved to be an unexpected and dangerous obstacle for patients and medical staff. Despite all this, our mission produced huge victories for the sight-impaired with 107 sight-restoring cataract operations performed and 1,152 people screened. We ensured the distribution of eye drops, other eye medications, magnifying reading glasses, and sunglasses where necessary.
Additionally, the dental team reviewed 215 patients and upon assessment, performed 98 extractions. We are ecstatic with these outcomes!

All in all, seeing this Midterm Report gives us lots to smile about; our hearts are full! We extend a huge thank you to the MEAK team of medical professionals who make these operations possible. We are grateful for the M.P. Shah Hospital staff and the Lokichar community for their cooperation and assistance along the way; we are so proud of what we accomplished together! And finally, we are so appreciative of YOU, our donors! We can’t wait to see what year-end reports bring!

With Love,

-The March to the Top Team




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